FireSafe Plus 2

Product Performance:

The complete product ‘the FireSafe Plus 2’ was tested to BS EN1634-1: 2014 and classified under EN13501-2:2007+A1:2009. The capability of the product is covered by the European Standard EN 16034, is to provide ‘integrity’ (E), ‘integrity and insulation’ (EI1, EI2) or ‘integrity and radiation’ (EW) for a certain period of time in the event of fire is tested and the results are classified according to EN 13501-2

When tested to EN1634- 1 the FireSafe Plus 2 product achieved:

E – Integrity 60 minutes

W- Irradiance 60 minutes

IZ – Insulating Zone 45 minutes

EI₁ 45 minutes I (1) Thermal Insulation

EI₂ 45 minutes I (2) Thermal Insulation

(IZ measured from 25mm from face of specimen did not exceed more than 91° Celsius at 120mins).

The specimen was also evaluated against the performance requirements for ‘Insulating Zone’ as detailed within Annex D of PAS 121: 2007. A movable thermocouple was positioned 25 mm in front of the test specimen and its position adjusted throughout the test to maintain a recorded air temperature as close to 180 Degrees Celsius as possible.

Classifications as detailed within EN 13501 – 2:2007 + A1: 2009 is therefore detailed as

E60 EW60 and the following class can also be used as below: E60, EI₁ 45, EI₂ 4, EW45 – C0